Day: March 2, 2009

my favourite literary critic

That’s right. I’m the kind of person who has a favourite literary critic (and a second favourite)!

Stanley Fish is my favourite literary critic. Partly because he’s a Miltonist — a noble calling I once aspired to. Partly because his prose is so crisp and incisive. And partly because he got me thinking about a whole host of philosophical and political issues, particularly in his significant book of essays The Trouble With Principle.

Enough background. You have to go and read this. Now.

It’s like midnight in the US, so hardly anyone’s posted a reply — but I reckon it could be a bombshell…

Although Fish has spent so much of his career reading and writing about Christian authors and themes, he has always been quite careful to hold the claims of Christian faith at arms length. What’s more, he’s been regarded by many Christian thinkers as a representative par excellence of anti-Christian, relativisitic postmodernism.

Has that all just changed? What do you think?