slumdog slammed?

slumdog_millionaire_posterAhhh, the Sydney Morning Herald… Where to begin?

Natalie pointed me to this article about Salman Rushdie ‘blasting’ Slumdog Millionaire as well as the original article from the Guardian.

The Herald article’s a pretty classic case of tabloid journalism: It rips Rushdie’s quotes about the movie out of context. It repeatedly foregrounds his subcontinental heritage — with undisguised incendiary intention. Worse, it simplistically labels the article ‘a long lament about the quality of film adaptations of books’. 

All of which is a real shame, because Rushdie’s article — which is a subtle and relentlessly interesting piece about the joys and struggles of adaptation/translation — is fun, frustrating, incisive and disappointing … all at once! Definitely worth checking out, whether you’re interested in translation, politics, culture or cinema.

One comment

  1. Dude! I was going to blog exactly this thing.

    Rushdie’s article was great – and naturally didn’t link to it, which they could have easily done.

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