that’s so organic right now!

Eveleigh Farmers Market is rapidly becoming a Saturday morning favourite. There’s a real buzz in the converted rail siding shed next to the Carriageworks buildings (where they film So You Think You Can Dance Australia). And plenty of the stall owners are out amongst it, inviting — or sometimes forcing — you to try their produce: everything from freshly squeezed orange juice to smoked trout or marinated baby figs.

Basically, there’s this real Organic Is Good vibe. And I’m all for it. Although surely this is going a bit far (check out the ninth item on the menu):


(Maybe I just find this a little too organic because I’m thoroughly British and, as Foucault points out, the Brits have always been a bit squeamish about the relationship between what’s on their plate and the animal it originated from — we eat ‘bacon’, ‘pork’ or ‘ham’ rather than ‘pig’, for example.)



  1. What? You don’t like a bite of really jucy thick, plump butt?

    Be honest – you’re just dying to sink your teeth into it!

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