Day: March 18, 2009

Athanasius at his best

One of the awesome things about reading Christian thinkers from previous generations is seeing just how differently from us they argue. Take a casual glance at Calvin or Athanasius (not to mention the original Mr Potty Mouth, Martin Luther) and you’ll notice that things get very heated — very quickly.

Take this little beauty from the start of Athanasius’s second Discourse Against the Arians, for example:

I did indeed think that enough had been said already against the hollow professors of Arius’s madness, whether for their refutation or in the truth’s behalf, to insure a cessation and repentance of their evil thoughts and words about the Saviour. They, however, for whatever reason, still do not succumb; but, as swine and dogs wallow in their own vomit and their own mire, rather invent new expedients for their irreligion.


Does it remind anyone else of the (now-defunct) Sydney Anglican forums?