Athanasius at his best

One of the awesome things about reading Christian thinkers from previous generations is seeing just how differently from us they argue. Take a casual glance at Calvin or Athanasius (not to mention the original Mr Potty Mouth, Martin Luther) and you’ll notice that things get very heated — very quickly.

Take this little beauty from the start of Athanasius’s second Discourse Against the Arians, for example:

I did indeed think that enough had been said already against the hollow professors of Arius’s madness, whether for their refutation or in the truth’s behalf, to insure a cessation and repentance of their evil thoughts and words about the Saviour. They, however, for whatever reason, still do not succumb; but, as swine and dogs wallow in their own vomit and their own mire, rather invent new expedients for their irreligion.


Does it remind anyone else of the (now-defunct) Sydney Anglican forums?


  1. Perhaps the Sydney Anglican Forums didn’t quite reach those heights of rhetorical heat. However, on another blog I read this morning, the first line is:

    Occasionally some of us get momentarily sidetracked from our specific objective of exposing the stench of heresy within the Sydney Anglican Diocese that emanates from its leaders, priests (oh, btw, our cure of souls, Hosea has something to say: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for me, because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children [and Connect 09]”) and its putative intellectual heart, Moore College

    I won’t name the blog – as I don’t want to give them publicity. But most posts say stuff along this line!

  2. he’s really easy to read too! no sarcasm whatsoever – especially compared to Calvin’s waffle.

    (i think the three people who used to argue non-stop on SA can just make their own private chatroom and keep their fun going, surely)

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