Albany, WA

Madge sang it. Now I’ve got one.

Actually I don’t so much have a ‘holiday’ as a three week ‘non-lecture period’.

The reason for this designation is because of what I hope to achieve:

  1. Finish reading Dave Eggers’ fabulous autobiographical novel, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
  2. Interview the key people involved in implementing ESL through ANGLICARE in the Sydney diocese for my Church History research project
  3. Learn as much as I can about the fourth century theologian, Gregory of Nazianzus — especially his thinking on the Trinity
  4. Write up a review of the collection of essays on theological method called Always Reforming
  5. Prepare a literature review on Calvin’s hermeneutics as part of my fourth year project

Ambitious, no?


One comment

  1. I’m hoping it’s not too ambitious as I’m hoping to parallel each…
    1. Complete a barista course
    2. Research the history of Sunday Schools in the early 20th century
    3. Investigate Barth’s thinking on the Atonement
    4. Write a review on Always Reforming
    5. Survey Biblical passages which bring together different perspectives on the atonement

    You’ve got to love 4th year.
    Non-lecture me up. Bring it.

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