Day: April 9, 2009

‘lest the cross be emptied’

The previous three posts in this series have been more or less uncontroversial — notwithstanding my efforts to stir the pot. But my suspicion is that things might start heating up. Why? Because as I turn my attention to the means of proclamation, I’m beginning to draw out the implications of my roughly sketched theology of proclamation (I’ll also be applying it by posting about particular situations and problems — such as this).

King St, Newtown (Spring 2007)

King St, Newtown (Spring 2007)

In this post I want to try to establish a something of a theological beach-head into the practice of proclamation, paying particular attention to the role of rhetoric and imagination in how we proclaim the Lord Jesus in the power of the Spirit to the glory of God the Father.

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while I’m on the topic of food…

One of Newtown’s no-longer-quite-so-well-kept secrets is Cafe Ism, which is perfectly placed to provide my morning caffeine hit on my way up the hill to College from Erskineville. It’s also poised to pick up stacks of passing trade between Macdonaldtown Station and Eveleigh Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning. Hence its no-longer-quite-so-well-kept-secret status.

Enough preamble. Let me get to the point — the Cafe Ism roast beef toasted sandwich is hands down the best I’ve ever had.

I would have taken a photo, but I couldn’t wait to eat it. Let me try and paint a word picture instead:¬†Ample filling to bread ratio. An aioli-mustard-caramellised onion combo that is sheer brilliance. And a very cool cafe to eat it in…

If nothing else, it helps avert potential Thai overload!