Day: April 10, 2009

it’s controversial I know…

But that’s hardly stopped me before, has it?



In the spirit of the various ’round ups’ of College mission being posted around the place (like this or this), let me make an observation and follow it with a slightly controversial suggestion.

First, the observation:┬ámany of our gospel presentations — in Bible studies, talks and private conversations — focus on justification by faith not human effort.

Now, there’s lots going for this. We’re rightly keen to maintain that God saves us from beginning to end by his grace.┬áBut questions have been raised (and not just on mission) about whether this almost exclusive focus really reflects the biblical emphasis or whether its more indicative of debates current in Sixteenth Century Europe.

Here’s the slightly controversial suggestion: Could it be that we’re fighting the wrong battles? Are we hung up on old debates, while the questions people are asking and thus the sharp edges of the gospel of Jesus as it addresses our culture have shifted? (OK, so Geoff beat me to the punch here by a couple of days.)

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