finding my pace in the world

No, that’s not a spelling mistake. I’m discovering more and more, that it takes a conscious effort to define the pace at which I will engage with and respond to the world around me. I wonder if, like finding our geographic centre — our ‘place’ — we also need to be more deliberate about finding and acknowledging our ‘pace’?



  1. Me too! Remind me to talk to you about it. It has been very helpful. And you guessed it – I have been trying to slow down! 🙂 It has also been very hard, and not always successful. I like fast – fast means I don’t have to think about things very much. I feel like I have a purpose & meaning. Slow is scary. But it is also important. So, to slow down I need more space and less plugs! Less TV, computer & the like. More time with Lis & Sam and more listening! Who would’ve thought I needed to listen more?

    1. I’d love to talk to you about it! What you said about “less plugs” reminds me of what some other friends call “screen time”… I think both ways of speaking help raise awareness of how much time they take and impact they have in life. I’m right there beside you!

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