Day: April 27, 2009

high and low culture

At our wedding, our delightful friend Sam reflected that we curiously exhibit a love for both high and low culture. So, perhaps it ought to come as no surprise that after going to see Tom Stoppard’s wonderful play Travesties, which discusses the very nature of art, we followed up by going to see Fast and Furious, which doesn’t have anything much to say at all. But it was awesome. I like fast cars. And cheesy dialogue. And things that explode. All of which it had in spades.

On a related matter, going supermarket shopping has become much more entertaining since I’ve realised you can (kind of) ‘drift’ shopping trolleys.

too much ‘page time’?

A few years back Natalie had quite a bit to do with a family that talked about limiting their kids’ ‘screen time’ — as an umbrella term for watching TV, using the computer, going to the movies, etc…

Is it too outrageous to suggest that perhaps we — Bible-believing evangelicals — might need to limit our ‘page time’?  Our commitment to Scripture’s page is rightly a significant factor in our identity. But remember James’ warning about the person who looks intently into the mirror but walks away forgetting what he or she looks like?

For those whose privilege and delight is spending lots of time in God’s word, there’s the corresponding responsibility of faithful obedience. Trusting and obeying is what it’s about, right?

I’ve been particularly convicted by these words from the very stimulating book, The Church of Irresistible Influence (p 47):

In my quest to discern how my pastoral ministry could be more effective, I saw that more preaching is not the answer to today’s spiritual hunger. Neither is the writing of more books, the hosting of more conferences, better technology, or special effects. For the most part, we are simply talking to ourselves. Meanwhile, the church grows increasingly isolated from its community and culture, glorying in a biblical “witness” it often does not really possess.

Close to home?

Of course, effective ministry is the fruit of the gospel. But if you’re anything like me then although you may talk the talk, your walk probably lags more than a short way behind! Thus, the upshot of all this for me is:

  1. I’m resolving to blog less frequently — to help free up the physical and mental space to get out more (even if that does involve much prayerful standing and waiting).
  2. I’m hoping to redirect the conversations I try to spark here towards directly facilitating — evaluating, sharpening, and extending — biblically-informed, gospel-focussed and … dare I say it, Spirit-anointed Christian living and ministry.