Day: May 5, 2009

what in the Ditchkins?

Ditchkins collective noun a “contemptuous amalgam” used to refer to both Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins in a single swipe. Origin: Terry Eagleton via Stanley Fish.

I read Fish’s review of Terry Eagleton’s new book Reason, Faith and Revolution last night. I can’t wait to read the book:

If ever there was a pious myth and a piece of credulous superstition, it is the liberal-rationalist belief that, a few hiccups apart, we are all steadily en route to a finer world.

If you read Fish’s article and want more, you could read Eaglton’s earlier review of The God Delusion for the London Review of Books. I’m not really sure if either Eagleton or Fish are believers — but I pray that they are!