Day: May 14, 2009

Andrew’s been published!

cwtg1My friend Andrew Errington has just had his resource on the reliability of the Gospels published!

When I last looked at this resource it was fantastic — well-researched, readable, brief but not insubstantial. And that was before Matthias Media took it on for publication.

Here’s how it starts:

History is important for Christianity. Why? Because the Christian faith is not primarily a bunch of ideas about the world, or a philosophy of life, but a claim about what happened in the past to a real man called Jesus. Christians believe that the world is different because of who Jesus really was, and because of the things he really did, and because of what really happened to him after he died. It’s only because of what it says about history that Christianity has anything to say about life today.

Go get a stack for your church book shop!