Day: June 1, 2009

gracious letters?

fountainPenI have decided (somewhat belatedly) to join Amnesty International. I have been blessed with an education and have protection from my government — what excuse do I have not to write letters to leaders in countries were injustice is rife and beg for mercy on behalf of the voiceless?¬†

I was really struck by the amount of grace their letter writing guide encourages members to exhibit. For example, among other things, they recommend:

  • being polite;
  • assuming the receiver (and their government) is open to reason; and
  • showing respect for a country’s constitution and judicial procedures.

I once heard an encouragement to give away as much money as you spend on luxury items for yourself — that is, if you’re going to the movies, give away the same amount as your movie ticket to a ministry or charity. I reckon I could apply the same principle with my words. For every time I indulge myself blogging here, I’m going to write a letter that serves someone in need. Want to join me?