gracious letters?

fountainPenI have decided (somewhat belatedly) to join Amnesty International. I have been blessed with an education and have protection from my government — what excuse do I have not to write letters to leaders in countries were injustice is rife and beg for mercy on behalf of the voiceless? 

I was really struck by the amount of grace their letter writing guide encourages members to exhibit. For example, among other things, they recommend:

  • being polite;
  • assuming the receiver (and their government) is open to reason; and
  • showing respect for a country’s constitution and judicial procedures.

I once heard an encouragement to give away as much money as you spend on luxury items for yourself — that is, if you’re going to the movies, give away the same amount as your movie ticket to a ministry or charity. I reckon I could apply the same principle with my words. For every time I indulge myself blogging here, I’m going to write a letter that serves someone in need. Want to join me?


  1. Natalie, I’ve spent so much time convincing myself that my blog was serving those in need. People need to hear the useless things I have to say. Don’t burst my bubble.

    …actually I think what you’re saying is really good, and it’s worth pointing out (the obvious) that a lot of our blogging really can be about our own indulgences.

    So, how much do you think writing to Kim Jong II will make a difference?

    1. Hi Geoff – Chris and I have definitely found your blog to be helpful!

      Here are a few thoughts in response to your question…
      1. I think writing to Kim Jong-il would make a different kind of difference than writing about injustice in North Korea on our blog. Writing on my blog might educate my (rather limited) readership. Hopefully they would join with me in praying to the sovereign God of the universe to bring justice.
      2. In the context of prayerful concern, I think letter-writing is an expression of my trust that God uses people to work out his plans. I want to contribute in whatever way I can to the creation of a more just world. That will entail preaching the coming kingdom –the ultimate arrival of justice – but also speaking up for justice now.
      3. Writing letters and emails to decision makers on behalf of the oppressed is something I’m permitted to do and which costs me nothing but time. This is one way in which I see myself contributing to the cause of ‘widows and orphans’. If Christian people of conscience who have the freedom and protection to speak out against injustice don’t do it, then who on earth can we expect to do so?
      4. Even if it has no effect on political outcomes – it has an effect on my heart and it expresses love and concern to those who suffer.

      As I think of more reasons why I’m going to write letters, I’ll let you know!

  2. Hi,

    Ahem, “educate my (rather limited) readership”?

    I really hope your commenting on the numbers and not our mental faculties!

    I think this idea of yours is great – I also think that when it “costs (you) nothing but time” that is a real gift you’re giving, sometimes time is more precious than money.


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