Day: June 10, 2009

we feel miserable!


miserygutsAs you can see. But we’ve been blown away by how much we’ve got to be thankful for anyway:

  1. Paid sick leave
  2. Modern medicine (cold and flu tablets are the bomb)
  3. The fact that the flu will only last a week or so
  4. TV (how was anyone sick before TV was invented?)
  5. Readily available take away food delivered to your door (because you haven’t done grocery shopping for a week)
  6. Being able to pay for home delivered food with credit cards (because you haven’t been out to go to the bank)
  7. The fact that the risen Lord is for us

how little we know of Israel…

I’ve been slowly savouring Rowan Williams’s Resurrection: Interpreting the Easter Gospel. There’s lots I want to blog about — especially in view of the way Williams does theology by sort of … translating the message of the resurrection into unfamiliar language and concepts, which like all translations charts a difficult course between freshness and faithfulness (there’s always something lost and something gained).

For the moment though I just want to pause on a single line and a half uttered towards the conclusion of his fourth meditation:

[T]he resurrection frees Jesus from our projections and expectations. ‘We had hoped that he was the one to redeem Israel’: we were not wholly wrong, but the unfamiliar risen Lord will show us how little we know of the meaning of ‘redemption’ or of ‘Israel’.

1QIsa_bIsrael’s been on my mind a bit lately. And was forced to my attention by a fascinating exchange that took place in our Fellowship Group the other week. We’d been reading Deuteronomy together for some weeks. But we finally had to confront the question that every Christian must face when reading the Old Testament:

Why did God bother with Israel (and the Law and all that) if He knew He was going to send Jesus in the end to do what it couldn’t do?

I really wanted to push back — I mean, for every New Testament ‘apart from the law’ there’s a corresponding ‘to which the law and the prophets testify’ (Rom 3.21), right?¬†Maybe you can help me. How do you think you would have responded?