Day: June 24, 2009

new stuff

I thought it might be worth drawing some things to your attention:

  • I suggest that ‘Imagination is not the problem’┬áin my most recent post over on An Inconvenient Invitation.
  • OK — so it’s not particularly new, but the ongoing (and lively!) discussion that ensued from me asking ‘Who’s afraid of theosis?’ has borne much fruit.
  • Bek rises to the challenge (of the good books meme Matt tagged me with) and shares her excellent thoughts about some excellent books.
  • You can now access Natalie’s favourite posts on the sidebar — including her lovely series ‘In praise of’ her favourite storytellers.
  • And … for everyone who arrives at this blog searching for “Christian conflict resolution” (and, terrifyingly, there are lots of you) our new, truly innovative category — Conflict resolution — should help you find the most relevant posts. Pleasingly, as I combed back through our posts to work out which ones deserved the label, a nice mix of theological, exegetical, church historical and pastoral/practical material jumped out at me. We hope it helps!

Ahh, procrastination — it means so many things get done…