Day: July 10, 2009

until next time

We’ve been blessed to be able to hang out wih my brother, Ed, this week. He’s been in the UK and South Africa for about 8 months and I’ve missed him lots.


Here are some things I’m really thankful for:

  1. Ed being able to co-ordinate stopovers in Sydney and Perth, even though he’s in Australia for meetings in Bribane
  2. Ed’s company being OK with those stopovers
  3. My boss letting me leave early at short notice on Tuesday so that I could pick him up at the airport  and spend the afternoon with him
  4. Green lights all the way from Parramatta to Mascot (38mins from start to finish at 1.30 in the afternoon!) so that I made it in time to pick him up
  5. The ease with which we could laugh and share together
  6. The thoughtful man my brother’s turned into
  7. The fact that Ed is still in one piece after so many adventures in dangerous places
  8. The way this blog (of all things!) has helped us not just keep in touch, but maintain some measure of shared experience despite the distance
  9. The very cool South African products Ed brought back for us…

God is at work in very big and very small ways — and they are all good.

the wonders of predictive text

Ever been bamboozelled by mobile phone predictive text?


Sometimes it’s frustratingly incapable of guessing — or even learning — the simplest words. Like ‘swann’ for example. Now, I’m prepared to admit that my phone is going to need to be taught it. But when it constantly suggests ‘ryano’ as the preferred alternative, something’s gone wrong.

One the other hand, I was pleasantly suprised to discover that my phone didn’t need to be taught the word ‘geopolitics’. Apparently that’s a common, everyday word for most mobile phone users…