Day: July 15, 2009

presentation offences (3)

1. Having more slides in your slide-deck than you actually speak to.

2. Having more text written on your slides than you actually say.

3. Lack of ‘signposts’.

Every research presentation starts with a slide that looks, apart from the heading, exactly like this:


But the thing is, this slide tells me nothing about what you’re going to argue. It tells me about your process , but not your logic. It foregrounds nothing of what you want me to go away remembering. A slide like this* would be so much better:


And don’t just use it at the start, flash it up as you move through your presentation so I know where you’re up to. You want me to nod “Ahhh, yes” as you move from step to step through your presentation.

*NB: this is a fictionalised research project slide.