presentation offences (3)

1. Having more slides in your slide-deck than you actually speak to.

2. Having more text written on your slides than you actually say.

3. Lack of ‘signposts’.

Every research presentation starts with a slide that looks, apart from the heading, exactly like this:


But the thing is, this slide tells me nothing about what you’re going to argue. It tells me about your process , but not your logic. It foregrounds nothing of what you want me to go away remembering. A slide like this* would be so much better:


And don’t just use it at the start, flash it up as you move through your presentation so I know where you’re up to. You want me to nod “Ahhh, yes” as you move from step to step through your presentation.

*NB: this is a fictionalised research project slide.


  1. Nat,

    Is there a difference between putting my content up in a summary point form & what you mean by logic? or are they the same thing?

    1. That’s a good question Jenny! In many ways, I think a summary will basically be what I’m talking about. But I suppose what I’m trying to get at when I talk about ‘logic’ is capturing something of how you get from one point to the next — a focus on the ‘because’, and ‘therefore’ kind of moments. Your presentation should tell a story and I suppose what I want your ‘signposts’ to do is remind me throughout your talk of how we got to where we are now and where we are going. I’m not sure I’ve adequately answered your question… feel free to come back with another one…

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