Day: July 16, 2009

not the flea

For Natalie…

TreestripStanding on the shore;
A sea of whispers—
voices muted, half heard
(suggestive I’m sure)—
lapping at my feet,
their bubbles fizz and burst.

Thinking of a bard.
Not that one of course!
(though he’s as close as ever)
A man of the cloth,
much like Augustine,
grasped by an errant past.

Itching. No conceit
to wrench my words free,
cast reckless and soaring;
Earth-bound and worn smooth
with use — no insect
in which our blood might mix.

Reaching out to brush,
crowded like tall grass,
fleeting meanings—small
but victories nonetheless;
With no master trope
to instruct or delight.

(August 2008)

presentation offences (4)

1. Having more slides in your slide-deck than you actually speak to.

2. Having more text written on your slides than you actually say.

3. Lack of ‘signposts’.

4. Complete lack of imagery.

Polaroid_croppedThe reason you are using slides (I hope) is because it adds a visual element to your presentation. Please use some pictures. They might be of your research site, or of you at work, or of your research subject. Or you can use images released under creative commons licences, like those available at stock.xchng or Wikipedia Commons. But please, make the most of the visual medium and move beyond text in bullet points.