presentation offences (5)

1. Having more slides in your slide-deck than you actually speak to.

2. Having more text written on your slides than you actually say.

3. Lack of ‘signposts’.

4. Complete lack of imagery.

5. Failure to visualise your work.

This is different from using pictures. What I mean by visualisation is the diagrammatic representation of your work.


Jessica Hagy on Indexed

If you’re reporting on quantitative results, this is easy. Use graphs and charts and (if you have spatial data too) maps. But even if you are presenting qualitative results — or (God forbid) pure theory — you should still be able to create some kind of visualisation. Use a flow chart, a Venn diagram, a knowledge map or a rich picture. This cute visualistion of different types of visualisations might provide some inspiration.

Everyone knows that there are different types of learners. Your presentation meets the needs of auditory learners (your voice), text/written learners (you will have text on slides) — now work a bit harder on giving visual leaners something to sink their teeth into. It is a visual medium after all.

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