presentation offences (9)

1. Having more slides in your slide-deck than you actually speak to.

2. Having more text written on your slides than you actually say.

3. Lack of ‘signposts’.

4. Complete lack of imagery.

5. Failure to visualise your work.

6. Failure to demonstrate relevance.

7. Using note-taking lingo as an abbr. strategy.

8. Bad design.

9. Reading from your slides.

I actually don’t find it terribly offensive at an academic conference if presenters read. If you’ve carefully crafted your presentation script so that you can deliver the key content in 20mins, I’ll forgive you for referring to a printed out copy on a lectern from time to time. A quick glance over your shoulder to make sure you’re up to the right slide is OK too.

But please, don’t turn around, look at the slide and read from the screen. I can’t hear you when you turn away from the mic. And I can already read what’s on the screen… Really, how hard is it to print out your slides so that they are in front of you?

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