Day: July 26, 2009

beautiful one day…

brisbane_night_smlI got back the other day from the Community Indicators Summit 09 in beautiful Brisbane. The presentations were much better than the last conference I went to. You will be spared from 10 days of ranting. But here are some brief questions and reflections:

  1. What is with the word ‘learnings’? 
  2. You could almost feel the glare bouncing off the overwhelming white-ness of a room full of 300 government representatives and statisticians.
  3. Why don’t we acknowledge country very often at the start of Christian conferences/public lectures etc.?
  4. It was strange to be revelling in ‘t-shirt weather’ while Queenslanders got around in boots and overcoats.
  5. Is the idea of ‘empowerment’ unbiblical? I’ve heard it said, but I’m not sure.
  6. It sucks being stuck in a hotel conference room while the sun is shining on a city you’ve never properly explored.