top 10 gigs (ever)


My top 10 anyway. (Just to prepare you, this may get a bit weird — as a result, I’d like to believe, of my stunningly insightful eclecticism, but it actually probably owes more to my own musical journey from being a bass player in a thrash metal band to being someone who’ll happily buy a Britney Spears album).

Anyway, here goes:

  1. Fear Factory — The Metro, 1999 (look, it was just really fun!)
  2. Mr Bungle — Macquarie Uni Atrium, 2000/2001
  3. John Butler Trio — The Big Day Out, 2002
  4. Tool — I’ve seen them four times (all of them were awesome)
  5. Radiohead — Entertainment Centre, 2004 (I laughed, I cried, it was heart-breakingly beautiful)
  6. India Arie — Enmore Theatre, 2006 (who’d have thought a Fear Factor fan could have found this engaging, moving and just downright brilliant?)
  7. The Tango Saloon — The Vanguard, 2007
  8. Kanye West — The Horden Pavillion, 2007
  9. Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova — Opera House, 2009 (he came out and stood at the edge of the stage, un-plugged, and totally commanded the concert hall — wow!)
  10. Bloc Party — Museum of Contemporary Art, last night (cool space, the band actually looked like they were having fun, and they weren’t afraid to do slightly different versions of their stuff live — without endlessly dragging things out … unlike [ahem] Metallica)

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