Day: July 30, 2009

Natalie’s top 10 gigs (so far)

DiscoBal_smllLest anyone think we are ‘fused’ I thought it approariate to highlight that my top 10 gigs are rather different from Chris’…

This is more a ‘most memorable’ list rather than a ‘best’ list. In no particular order:

  1. Justin Timberlake — Hordern Pavillion 2004 (proved himself to be a musician) and Acer Arena 2007 (proved himself to be a showman)
  2. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals — Hordern Pavillion 2000 (touring Burn to Shine; I like Ben’s sad, angry music much better than his later happier stuff)
  3. India Arie — Enmore Theatre 2006 (so joyful! And she listened to the audience and was visibly, physically delighted by the fact that we knew every word)
  4. Cafe at the Gate of Salvation and The Five Blind Boys of Alabama — Enmore Theatre 1992 (we paid Mum out for years about taking us to see this one — but it was actually a pretty big musical moment in my life…)
  5. Arrested Development — Hordern Pavillion 1993 (first gig without parents and it has a very special place in my heart; saw them again at the Forum in ’07 but it wasn’t quite the same)
  6. Idea of North — Black Stump 1997 (the gig wasn’t great — they’re much better at the Basement! — but this was when I first discovered them…)
  7. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova — Opera House 2009 (profound — the only gig that’s ever made me cry)
  8. Beth Orton — Seymour Centre 2004 (beautiful)
  9. Dr John — East Coast Blues and Roots 2004 (this man is a legend — he played two Hammond organs at the same time!)
  10. The Whitlams — Manly RSL 2000 (Ok, it wasn’t the world’s best gig; but I had a blast telling their sax player that he’d been my bandmaster at primary school 9 years earlier!)