poll: where to from here?

I’m told that blogging is the new word for ‘conversation’ — or at least for the revival of a certain kind of reading-together. But sometimes it feels like I’m just talking to myself…

As a result, and in a desperate bid to win back some hits from Natalie — who has written the top three most viewed posts in the last month — I want to ask you where you’d like to see things go next. To that end, I’ve set up a poll with some of the themes and trajectories I’ve been thinking might be worth following:

  • ‘To the ends of the earth’ — on trying to re-imagine theology as a specifically missionary activity
  • ‘Like a mother tenderly caring for her children’ — what shape should pastoral care have if it’s to be distinctively Christian?
  • ‘A suit of clothes designed to fit God Himself’ — Israel’s theology of kingship in its Ancient Near Eastern context

Which conversation would you like to participate in?

Exercise your democratic rights and tell me! Voting will close at the end of the week. After that we can launch in the direction you choose.

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