My top 10 data visualisation links

I have only recently come to realise just how much I love (and need) to recreate arguments and processes visually. I love flow charts and venn diagrams. As a kid, I used to pore over those cross-section books and Usborne historical adventures. Now, as an adult, here are my top 10 favourite links to do with data visualisation:

  1. Hans Rosling’s dynamic charting tool Gapminder which visualises change over time on various statistics to do with development around the world
  2. The Shape of Song which maps the theme and variations in music
  3. Blaise Aguera y Arcas at TED on Photosynth/Seadragon a mindblowing tool for harvesting online photos to receate 3D images
  4. Chris Jordan’s art (also featured at TED) which helps get a handle on the massive-ness of some shocking statistics
  5. The World Freedom Atlas (I had to include something geographic!)
  6. The blogs infosthetics and a beautiful www
  7. VizThink’s live online drawing tool
  8. Wordle, which turns content analysis into art
  9. The periodic table of data visualisation strategies for ideas about how to visualise stuff
  10. Indexed for entertaining and thoughful graphical interpretations of life


    1. Indeed! And they make great title pages/cover images for reports on topics where pictures aren’t really relevant.

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