Day: October 3, 2009

a suggestion for a pre-arrival education program

There is a small but significant proportion of European tourists who desperately need to be educated about how to go bushwalking in Australia if you want any chance of seeing wildlife. QUIETLY. I recommend a state-run pre-arrival education program, from which said noisy European tourists must graduate by successfully walking through a portion of forest without talking loudly or stomping around, before they are allowed access to our national parks.

(Come to think of it, maybe they’re desperately trying to frighten away snakes… it’s just that they’re also frightening away everything else.)

This was the best photo I got of a Cassowary we were lucky to see before we were set upon by a bunch of European noise-makers.

A very bad photo of a real cassowary

A very bad photo of a real cassowary

Perhaps I’m being unfair to Europeans in particular, maybe everyone should have to get certification as a ‘quite walker’ before being allowed to go bushwalking in national parks…