keen to make some cash?

Two completely different small business ideas that I’m never going to make happen — feel free to make them your own:


1. The Basics

A small stall at the airport exit selling bread and milk.

We have only once had enough forethought to put bread and milk in the freezer ready for our return — and even then, you have to wait for the milk to defrost before you can make a cuppa. This is especially problematic when your flight gets in after about 6pm.

I would use this shop nearly every time I fly home…

2. Puppy love

Slightly less serious…a sort of ‘match-making’ proposition.

The idea is, you charge dog breeders for the service of walking and training their puppies and then you charge young, single men for the privilege of walking and training said puppies (have you seen the attention puppies can pull from women?!).

You win at both ends of the transaction!

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