Day: November 13, 2009

God’s humanising justice


Get a load of this:

The Christian church still stands or falls by whether it proclaims and lives by the Gospel of the liberating grace of God, or whether its life degenerates into some form of self-salvation. For that reason, the doctrine of the atonement must continue to be at the heart of Christian theology, and the metaphor of the justice of God at the heart of the doctrine of the atonement, if Christianity’s orientation to the action of God in re-establishing free human life is to be maintained and articulated.

Colin Gunton, The Actuality of the Atonement (p 101)

I love how Gunton holds together God’s gracious action that restores and perfects our humanity — it is aimed at humanising us, ‘re-establishing free human life’ — and the centrality of justice in doing this — God does not turn a blind eye to injustice and wickedness but condemns it (cf. Rom 8.1-3).

It’s so easy to let go of one or the other of these intuitions.