time to reflect

Chris has been carrying the burden of regular posting without me for the last month or so. I’ve been flat out at work (the boss was away for a well-earned 6 week holiday), writing scholarship applications, and keeping up with life.

I have been doing so many things that you might think that it would provide lots of fodder for blogging. But my experience has been the opposite. I am a more productive blogger (read also: wife, friend, etc.) when I have time available for undirected musing.

I have more to say when I have less to do.

It’s been an interesting and worthwhile lesson to learn.



  1. You did find time to make an AMAZING dress. We made Lis walk around the lounge room in it for a while, but it was SO big, we eventually stopped admiring it and hung it up!

    1. Hi Kristy – yes, I think that was my way of trying to reclaim my sanity and creativity after a month of writing! It was fun. I look forward to seeing it being worn when it fits!

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