Day: December 7, 2009

music to live to!

A vineyard in the Chittering Valley just outside of Perth

When we were on holiday in Perth, Natalie’s mum and dad took us to hear Andrew Winton (brother of novelist Tim) play his particular brand of bluesy, rootsy stuff. It was terrific! Especially because he and his band mate, Paul Novosel, were clearly really enjoying themselves throughout their set.

And it’s got me thinking about the kind of music that appeals to me (and why). The secret of Andrew’s stuff is that it’s music to live to. So in good Blues style it honestly faces up to life’s ironies, complexities and even tragedies. And in doing so it reaches forward, straining towards something more. But at the same time it’s really quite upbeat and life affirming — there’s plenty of fun and a generous embrace of the everyday to it all.

Michael has recently been asking (here and here) what musical styles would most suit contemporary ‘hymn’-writing for our churches.

I reckon we need more music in this key!