summer work

Summer’s well and truly upon us. And even though College has wrapped up, and Natalie and I are still more or less in suspense about next year, I’m managing to keep myself occupied.

Among the things on my ‘To Do’ list are:

  1. Acting as Michael‘s research assistant — which basically means helping him out with some projects (such as this one on the Thirty Nine Articles of the Anglican Church).
  2. Continuing to visit patients at RNSH in my capacity as a ‘Student Chaplain’ — where I continue to be struck and surprised by human fragility and God’s great grace and power.
  3. Snorkelling off various Sydney beaches — yet to kick off for this summer, but I can feel it coming on!
  4. Thinking about the humanity of Jesus — to help with this I’m reading Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics IV/2 with Dan.
  5. Working on getting some stuff published out of my Fourth Year Project, etc.
  6. Oh yeah… And attempting to find work for next year!

Nice work if you can get it. Right?



  1. Sounds stimulating indeed.

    You got any preferred snorkeling spots in Sydney?

    Shelly Beach at Manly, and Clovelly, are about the only two I’ve tried.

    1. I’m a fan of Clovelly, although round the corner at Gordon’s Bay can be fun — getting out can sometimes be a bit hairy (clambering over rocks, etc). And we’ve occasionally seen some cool stuff at South Coogee.

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