Day: December 18, 2009

our deepest need

I’ve been reading The Philosopher’s Dog by home-grown Australian philosopher, Raimond Gaita (he’s at least as ‘home-grown’ as all those New Zealand bands we’ve claimed as our own).

It’s so gentle and winsome. Take this for example (p 17):

Because of the ways in which need can distort and poison relationships we tend to be suspicious of it. To attempt to rid ourselves of need in order to prevent those distortions, or more desperately, in pursuit of an ideal of self-sufficiency, would be disastrous, however, were we to succeed. The need we have — often unfathomable — of other human beings is partly what conditions and yields to us our sense of their preciousness.

We’re such a bundle of contradictions. The same need that can choke and stifle, also animates what is truest and best about us.

How glorious, then, that God — the Maker of everything — counts us precious not even partly because he needs to. And yet neither is he locked away in the endless silence of a proud self-sufficiency. Rather, he is love. A love that dances and spills over the rim of the perfect fulness of life and fellowship between Father, Son and Spirit. And showers down on us, satisfying our deepest need. Whispering, ‘I will be your God and you will be my people’.

O come, O come, Emmanuel!