Day: December 31, 2009

some new year’s priorities

I’m not sure I believe in new year’s resolutions (I’ve tried and failed too often). But it’s probably¬†worth taking stock and setting some priorities for the blog as the year ticks over — if only in an attempt to force myself to be a little more deliberate (in fact, ‘more deliberate’ is kind of a theme):

  • Slow down. I want to carve out some space to compose things that are more considered and less reactive — e.g., less tied to whatever book I’ve been reading or pastoral issue I’ve been bumping up against. (This will probably see a reduction in my frenetic pace of posting.)
  • Get published. This is simply the most tangible expression of my growing sense of a need to push beyond the unfinished, first-drafty stage of most of what I post. I still hope to keep the conversation going, but I’d also love to invest in developing some more substantial resources.
  • Prize relationships. I’d like to do more of the kind of things they tell bloggers to do — telecast where I’m going (before I get there), build relational capital by posting links more frequently, etc.
  • Have a real world adventure. I guess this is fairly self-explanatory and will probably involve some travel — but I thought it was worth including amongst all this more or less cerebral and intangible stuff.