Day: January 4, 2010

revealing the process

The SMH has suggested that 2009 may be the year that makes Hollywood wake up and realise it doesn’t need big name actors to pull in the crowds: e.g. Paranormal Activity, Twilight, The Hangover, District 9 and I would add Avatar.

But, while they may not have big name actors at least a couple of those movies have the backing of big name directors. When Avatar is advertised it gets billed as “James Cameron’s Avatar“, and District 9 was billed under the tag line “Peter Jackson presents a Neill Blomkamp film”. In the hype preceding the release of Avatar there were extended TV infomercials describing how Cameron produced the special effects. I’ve never before seen a film advertised using ‘the making of’ as promotional material.

I’m wondering if these two things are an expression of who the public now aspires to be.

Is it that, in days gone past, we longed to be the lead actress, whereas as we enter 2010 we are more likely to aspire to be the director? Has the democratisation of the means of production created a space in which we care more about how films are created; the techniques, the creativity, the process? Do we now (more universally) aspire to be creators rather than performers?