Day: January 18, 2010

ease your way in…

If you’re anything like me, you need to ease your way into the week. You know, cast your net wide before you can narrow in and begin focus on the tasks at hand. (That’s what I keep telling myself anyway). See if these help:

  • On Faith and Theology, theologian George Hunsinger responds to an inquiry about the reliability of what the New Testament says about Jesus.
  • Sam launches a promising-looking new series about the quotations of the Old Testament in the New (based on the findings of his College project).
  • Dan delivers a characteristically lyrical and insightful reflection on camping. Love it.
  • Seth explains how to complain well, giving concrete form to an important relational/communication principle.
  • A timely word about that overused excuse line: “I’ve just been so busy lately”. Cutting. But manages to offer some positive help.
  • For a cool, web-based mailing list tool (which we’ve just built our new supporters mailing list on) check out MailChimp. It’s free if your list has fewer than 500 subscribers and you’re sending under 3000 emails a month.
  • And, for the true distraction-seeker, you can’t go past this clip. It brings together so many of my favourite (outrageous) things!