Day: January 28, 2010

help me prepare a course about Jesus

I’ve mentioned that I’m slated to run a six week course on the person and work of Jesus at La Trobe. Here’s my brief:

  • Who? Christian university students attending a weekly training evening.
  • How? Run six 1 hour seminars (with a mix of learning modes — small group discussion, brainstorming, etc)
  • Why? To help them develop in theological maturity and be better equipped to share the good news about Jesus with others.

I’m not quite sure how I want to tackle it at this stage. I’m currently tossing up a couple of different options:

Option 1: explore a variety of different ‘angles’ and emphases

This would (presumably) involve spending some time on the expectations raised in the OT that are picked up and related to Jesus in the New Testament — and possibly exploring how they’re refracted in 1st Century Judaism. I would then plan to move through the different ‘portraits’ of Jesus painted in different New Testament writings (e.g., Paul’s letters, one the Synoptic Gospels — probably Luke — John’s Gospel, and the Book of Revelation).

Option 2: systematically examine one New Testament ‘statement of belief’ about Jesus

I’m thinking either Philippians 2.5-11 or Romans 1.1-5. We’d take whichever one of these statements I settle on one clause at a time, using each one as a springboard into the broader topic. This would cover a lot of the same territory as in Option 1, but may help limit any arbitrariness in the selection of topics andĀ overall order we follow.

The way I see it, the pros and cons of each approach look a little bit like this:

I’d love to hear what you think about the strengths (and weaknesses) of these different approaches.