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  1. Andrew shares some thoughts on infant baptism — coming down in its favour without once mentioning covenant! He doesn’t answer every question you may have (and the Comments open up even more). But it gets my hearty ‘Amen’.
  2. Stuart takes on one of our holy cows about Christian ministry — the conventional wisdom that pastors should be ‘talent scouts’ on the look out for People Worth Watching. For me it raises some interesting questions about leadership
  3. Michael Bird responds to J. Mack Stiles’ article, “What’s Happening to InterVarsity”. It has the distinct feel of birdge-burning to it. But you’ve got to give it to him — Bird is unafraid to call it like he sees it.
  4. Tim Chester insists that ‘Mission is central to the Bible and central to our identity’, tracing the universal appeal to worship God throughout Old and New Testaments. (Although, perhaps it underestimates the difference between the ‘You come to us’ approach of the OT and the ‘We go to you’ in the NT.)
  5. I wonder how you feel about Seth’s claim that too much data crowds out faith. It may look like a simple faith v reason thing, but it made me think hard about whether Christian responses to the New Atheism have let the demand for ‘proof’ (of a very particular kind) distract us from our real goal.
  6. And there’s a great article on the Ekklesia Project blog about love and virtue. Here’s a teaser: ‘The “return to virtue” has been helping some of us late modern folk get beyond the unattached (“Teflon”) self of an “efficient” way of life by reminding us of ways that our actions presuppose a political (communal) setting’.

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