Why we haven’t posted much this week

I was meant to post this week because Chris is in Melbourne talking with various people from AFES (it’s been very worthwhile – your prayers have been and continue to be appreciated). But I’ve fallen short of Chris’ blogging standards… Here’s what’s been keeping me so busy in the real world:

  1. I cleaned the oven. It was not very pleasant.
  2. I catalogued our CDs before packing them in boxes. It was fun for the first box, less so as I finished the last one.
  3. I’ve been to my first evening meeting about Mission Areas. It was slightly scary, but really quite positive.
  4. I’ve been preparing for a meeting this morning on the theology of disability, for which I had prepared a discussion paper. It was actually quite a lovely meeting. I hope to share some of my reflections over the next couple of weeks.

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