an open letter to NYC

OK. We haven’t actually been to Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens or Staten. But we have been from the Battery to the tip of Manhattan (and out to Princeton). And we’ve had the song stuck in our head the whole week.

NYC has shattered our expectations at every turn:

  1. That uber-busy New Yorkers wouldn’t have time to help others (lost tourists and locals alike)
  2. That it would be hard to find fresh food and good coffee — and no, our standards have not dropped
  3. That we wouldn’t feel safe (wandering the streets at night, riding the subway, etc)
  4. That we’d be cold — it has been cold, but even Aussie clothing can be effective when layered
  5. That we’d American accents on every corner — there is just so much diversity…

And now for some photographic highlights:

Taking night shots with a hand held camera can be challenging

Great view from 'Top of the Rock' (Rockefeller Center)

We waited until after hours, so it was window-shopping only!

Princeton: a magical fairy-land for nerds

We could never tell if the subway trains were going to stop


  1. I found that there are so many other tourists who took the wrong turn down the same dark alley as you you never felt unsafe. Great place! How ’bout Oxford?

  2. Oh Nat – sounds wonderful. Glad you could find coffee. Will keep praying for a wonderful and refreshing time. Love

    1. Sue – thanks for your prayers! I think of my PU family often.

      Tim – Oxford was much more bucolic than NYC, but it seemed just as crowded! We got to stay with some lovely people 🙂

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