Day: March 19, 2010

everything in its right place?

Our second week in the UK has been full of time connecting (and re-connecting) with extended family — in Stamford, Cambridge and London — as well as taking in the sights of Olde London Towne. It’s been really delightful. And exhausting!

As we think back over it, we realise that we’ve found ourselves circling themes of war and peace:

  1. We met (for the first time in my adult life) my Dad’s half-brother and his wife, who lived a sizable chunk of their life near the site of Bergen-Belson concentration camp. We were struck by the way the events that happened there continue to reach into the present.
  2. We chatted with Natalie’s brother and fiancee, Alex, about contested land rights in resource-rich (and conflict-riven) countries in central Africa — the topic of Alex’s PhD. We’re glad there’s someone as talented as she is who is trying to make sense of some of the complex legal issues!
  3. We were oddly unsettled by the many monuments and memorials to the war dead in St Paul’s Cathedral in London. We recognise the appropriateness of remembering the departed in churches, but often it feels like it verges on glorifying war. We’ll think some more about it and maybe post some more later…

And now the photographic proof:

Chris and his uncle Roy in Stamford

At lunch with Natalie's brother, Ed and his fiancee, Alex, in Cambridge

Chris outside St Paul's cathedral, London

Natalie and the view of Westminster from the Thames

And of course I missed my College graduation ceremony…

but was well represented by the study group I was part of

h/t to Bek for the beautiful photoshop work.