Day: March 26, 2010

around the world

Daft Punk sung it. We feel like we’ve been experiencing it: since we last ‘live blogged’ our trip, we’ve been in London, Jersey, St Malo and Paris.

We’re really starting to stack up the stories, reflections and (yes) photos to inflict on you share with you… But for the moment we wanted to pause and register just some of the things we’re thankful to God for:

  • The really warm welcome we’ve received from family — physical and spiritual — wherever we’ve found ourselves.
  • The astonishing prevalence of free WiFi (when Natalie travelled abroad less than 10 years ago she pretty much dropped off the grid; we’re almost perpetually connected).
  • The nearly universally excellent weather — there was snow on the ground in NYC but it was perfectly clear; and now we’re wearing T-shirts in Paris!
  • Enough said.
  • The modern Western commitment to preserving history.
  • The generosity of French speakers in dealing with two totally inept Australians.

And now, a sample of the most recent photos:

Enjoying a delightful meal with our friends Matt & Michelle

Jersey; land of cows, potatoes, offshore banking and a really massive tidal zone

St Malo; a picturesque walled town in Brittany

We were struck by the way Notre Dame was more like a town hall than a parish church

Chris wondering about the occult symbolism of the glass pyramid at the Louvre -- maybe he could write a bestseller about it...

Sunny afternoon in Paris? Pull up a garden chair in the Jardin de Luxembourg with the locals