Day: March 29, 2010

announcing: ‘God without borders’

In contemporary Western societies borders have become a subject of deep ambivalence — verging I might say on the schizophrenic:

  • On the one hand, they seem to be dissolving as our rapidly globalised world renders them increasingly irrelevant. You can connect with anyone, anywhere, at almost any time (sometimes without even consciously pursuing connection — e.g., as your morning coffee habit implicates you in the mechanisms of global poverty).
  • On the other hand, though, there seems to be an increasing anxiety about policing our borders — ensuring our national ‘border security’ and desperately trying to establish our cultural and communal borders to ward off the (potential) enemy within.

How should Christians respond to this ambivalence? Does the Lord Jesus speak a word into our situation? And will it be comforting or profoundly discomforting?

The Centre for Apologetics, Scholarship and Education (based at New College, UNSW) is poised to help us ask — if not answer — such questions. I’ve had the privilege of being involved in producing the forthcoming edition of CASE magazine ‘God without borders’. It’s an immensely stimulating edition. And has a fascinating list of contributors — including:

  • Stanley Hauerwas;
  • Andrew Sloane;
  • Erin Goheen Glanville;
  • Matthew John Paul Tan;
  • Andrew Errington; and
  • Stuart Barton Babbage, among others.

Pick up a copy or become a subscriber HERE.