*In case you haven’t noticed, all our holiday posts have been entitled with relevant theme songs. We don’t do points, but kudos if you know who sings this…

We’re five weeks into our holiday — a few days away from it’s end — and we’re totally feeling the sensory overload. So we thought we’d give you our most evocative¬† ‘sensory’ experiences from the trip:

  • Taste: Mexican cactus salad in NYC, Jersey 6% fat milk (that’s just how it comes out of the cow in Jersey), La Fromagerie in London, Simply Indian (also London), Pizzarium today in Rome;
  • Touch: All the tantalisingly tactile sculptures in galleries where you must not touch, cobbled streets — everywhere — our feet hurt, hugging family;
  • Hearing: Really wimpy sounding emergency vehicle sirens in Europe, bizarre unresolved minor key message alert sounds on the French Metro, the Italian love affair with the car horn, the joy of the phrase “it’s OK — I speak English’;
  • Smell: the vegetative smell of spring in Rome, espresso, cheese, vino rosso, fresh food markets in Newcastle, Jersey and London, urine in the streets of Paris.
  • Sight: Buildings — big ones in NYC and old ones everywhere else — both of which are new to us, the first spring snow drops in Cambridge, ancient art, renaissance art, modern art, street art…lots and lots of art!

And now for some photos from the last week:

Finally got the hang of taking photos at night with an automatic camera...

Glamming it up in Fortnum and Mason's wine bar with Natalie's cousin, Carolyn

The Bristish Museum: where everything Indiana Jones decided "belonged in a museum" ended up.

Try as we did, this was as close as we got to a Banksy...

Caecilius est in...forum?

Moments before enjoying Campari and soda in the rooftop bar of the Castel Sant'Angelo


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