Day: April 6, 2010

is blogging about conversation or confession?

OK. So this is going to get kind of introspective for a bit. Navel-gazing’s not all bad though, right? (Especially if you have a more or less attractive navel.)

I’ve been doing some reflecting on the way I tend to blog. And I’ve realised that I tend to use it to raise questions, ask for help, poke and prod at popular formulations, and generally explore the limits of established orthodoxy.

In particular, I’ve often railed against what I take to be some of the least helpful catch-cries and habits of thought of Reformed scholasticism — even though that’s really where I’m most ‘at home’ theologically.

Partly, I guess, this reflects the models I’ve taken for myself from the theo-blogs I read. Partly, it has to do with how much easier — and in some ways more modest — it is to be critical (even in the best, most generous sense) than to dare to be constructive.

But, mostly, I think I write this way because I think of blogging as something that’s more conversational than confessional. I’m always happy to hear criticisms or other points of view (or at least I try to be). To be called on my more outrageous statements. To have my kite-flying reigned in. That’s why I put it out there.

That being said though, I’m thinking that over the next little while I want to ‘come clean’ and try to speak positively and constructively about my theological heritage. Taking the traditional emphases of Reformed orthodoxy and producing a kind of position statement (or something like that). Some of the topics I want to cover include:

  • Election
  • God’s sovereignty
  • The Bible
  • The cross
  • Conversion

Of course, I’ll still be happy to hear your thoughts — and whether or not you think I’m heading in the right direction. Let’s try not to let the slightly more confessional tone close down the conversation!