catching up (and moving forward)

Well, Natalie and I have finished our trip and arrived in Melbourne — and we hardly even broke our blogging stride! But what we didn’t manage to do so well overseas was keep up with reading. We packed way more novels than we got through (even with all the long haul flights, etc). And the angrily high number of unread posts in my RSS reader is kind of frightening…

That being said, we’re doing our best to catch up. Here are some of the standouts of my catch up reading so far:

  • In keeping with the first topic I’ve tackled in the ‘confessional turn’ I’m making here, Andrew has launched into a personal series grappling with election in Romans 9-11. The Intro as well as Parts I and II are up.
  • Steve has some timely (and provocative) words on leading Christian communities — Parts I, II and III.
  • My friend Jenny has started a new blog — Embracing Earth — to help her think through issues of art, work and beauty. This is a conversation we need to have. I’m excited.
  • Although I’m even more excited (sorry Jenny) about the prospect of an affordable reprint of Barth’s Church Dogmatics — h/t Ben Myers. $99. Seriously? Even if that’s USD, the exchange rate right now makes this so awesome!
  • Byron explains why being ‘freed to love’ means that rich Christians can’t avoid confronting climate change, drawing together a bunch of his blogging threads over the last little while.
  • And Mike Bird’s commentary on the recent resignations of Bruce Waltke and Tremper Longman from major Reformed seminaries in the US stirred an appalled fascination in me.

In terms of moving forward, Natalie and I are on the hunt for a place to live, I’m psyching myself up to make a bunch of fundraising calls, and Natalie’s dipping her toe in the water at Melbourne Uni. In short, it’s on!

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