I need your help

Let me be uncharacteristically direct: I need your help.

I’m one week in to serving the La Trobe University Christian Union with AFES. I need your prayers. And your financial support.

To get even more concrete and specific, I’d like to invite you to:

  1. Subscribe to our prayer partners’ mailing list HERE, and
  2. Contribute financially by filling in the online form HERE (or downloading and posting one to the AFES national office at PO Box 684, Kingsford NSW 2032).

That’s the bottom line. Now for the obvious question: Why?

Well, this year I’m privileged to join a student and staff team that’s fully engaged in proclaiming Jesus on campus — head, heart and hands:

  • They’re deeply committed to people — people for whom Christ died.
  • They’re passionately and boldly trying new ways to connect.
  • And they’re hard at work seeking to win a hearing for the gospel message.

I’m convinced that this is close to the heart of what God is doing in the world. And I’m hoping to contribute by mentoring students, many of them future leaders of God’s church. Laying before them Christ’s challenge to take up their cross and follow him, to lay down their lives and petty ambitions for the sake of those who don’t know him. I’ll also be seeking to help members of the CU develop in theological maturity and humble service of the Lord through their Monday Night Training programme.

To make this happen, I’m seeking to raise $38,500 this year. Obviously, different people will have different abilities to contribute. But one way of breaking it down looks like this (If you’d like more detail, I’d be delighted to send it your way — shoot me an email at cswann01[at]gmail[dot]com):

Our God provides richly for his children — everything we need for life and godliness. And Natalie and I have already tasted his provision through his people. Which is why we’re putting together a team of supporters to enter into partnership with us by praying for us and contributing financially so I can throw myself into this work. We’d love you to be part of it!

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