splashing around in the (spiritual) shallows…

I’ve recently kicked off a bit of a personal R&D programme. This year, I’m planning to invest a significant — although not necessarily major — portion of each week in thinking through the person and work the Holy Spirit (appropriately enough off the back of Pentecost, which for the liturgically-uninformed was this Sunday just past).

I’m already under way. Although, I definitely feel like I’m splashing around in the (spiritual) shallows. There are some serious depths to explore. Depths that I also find vaguely terrifying — better people than me have drowned in them!

Such pretty colours!

So far I’ve accumulated a small stack of ‘must read’ books — at this stage mainly to help me wrestle with the relationship between Jesus and the Spirit (appropriately enough again in view of the fact that this coming Sunday is Trinity Sunday!).

You’re looking at:

  • Oliver Crisp’s Divinity and Humanity and God Incarnate,
  • Jurgen Moltmann’s The Spirit of Life,
  • Paul Molnar’s Incarnation and Resurrection, and
  • Church Dogmatics IV/2.

If you’ve got any suggestions/favourites you’d add to this list, please let me know!

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