Day: August 9, 2010

seven of the best (doing what they do best)

It’s been a while since I gave over an entire post to who I’ve been reading online lately. This one’s got seven of the best — all of them doing what they do best!

  1. Slavoj Zizek offers a provocative Marxist reading of who’s really to blame for the Gulf of Mexico oilspill disaster
  2. Richard Hays ‘waxes narratival’ (if anyone can do it, it’s Hays!) about God’s reconciliation of the world in Christ from 2 Corinthians 5.
  3. Tim Keller extensively documents the case for Redeemer’s integrated approach to urban ministry, Christ-centred preaching, cultural renewal, and church planting.
  4. Christopher J. H. Wright tackles the often-overlooked problem of the righteous rich in the Old Testament.
  5. Dan talks about something apparently mundane — germinating seeds on top of his fridge — in tones of such rapt wonder that you can’t help wanting to germinate your own seeds too!
  6. John explains how to pick good sermon title (and so avoid sabotaging your preaching at the most basic level).
  7. Alison wraps up her moving series of three reflections on reconciliation, land and place in Australia

Go nuts.